Who We Are

I have worked in the painting industry for 32 years. Although most painters enter the trade out of necessity for a job, I began my career based on an unexplained fascination with the tools and equipment that constitute the painting business. As a small child, I remember my father giving me a bucket of water and a brush so I could "paint" the fence.

From 1979 to 1989 I worked for a couple of painting companies with completely different approaches and client types. This mix gave me extensive experience in most aspects of the industry from commercial and residential re-paints to mid-level and high end new construction. I combined the two styles, along with my own philosophy of "Whatever you do, be the best at it" and industriously built my company. I have kept my business small enough to insure quality control yet big enough to handle large, paramount projects.

Quality preparation, attention to detail, and neatness are our trademarks. Many painters make more profit than we do, but I will gladly sacrifice some profit for the pride of being able to say "We are the best".