Dear Gary,
Thanks for sending the profit share check. We can sure use it – Lindsey is expecting again! You are the best boss I have ever worked for. Say hi to the guys for me. Call me if you come up to fish the Carson this fall.


I know of a painter of a different breed. One of a kind, residentialy and commercially. You've been painting how long? He'll ask with a smile, then tell you you've been doing it wrong all the while.
He shoots straight from the heart, you will see. Talk a lot of fast bullshit and out of the truck you will be.
High up on ladders, on scaffolding, or with both feet planted on the ground. Running circles around us all, nothing seems to slow him down.
From his crew he expects the best, make no mistakes. Stay focused, don't talk to me. I need to concentrate.
As a child when asked, "What do you want to be?" His reply was always the same,
"A painter of a different breed."
Type A personality, the stress he tries to even out. Always his golf score could be lower, boasting of fishing days - it got away, how big? How can you doubt?
With his knowledge he's not greedy, he shares what he knows quite freely. It's best to become adept at his initial teaching because if you blow it it's hard to face his humiliation and seething.
For his crew he wants them to be known as the best, doing it his way, maybe that's part of his stress. Making money for his business, a name without fault, it's an honor to be part of his team he genuinely cares about.
Trustworthy and reliable I find myself being. To hear that I've done a good job is the reward I am seeking.
I am proud and I am honored, enthusiastically you must agree, I work for the best, Gary Migale, a painter of a different breed.

D. Yetter